Planar GaAs Solar Cell

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Hi! I am an undergraduate student working on a solar cell simulation through Lumerical. My group and I are using the Planar Silicon Solar Cell Template downloaded from the available projects. Our goal is to manipulate this tutorial to work for an ultrathin (200nm) GaAs solar cell.

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Ultra-Thin GaAs solar Cell with Aluminum substrate.

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So, we first ran the Silicon Solar Cell Tutorial without changing any settings, and this ran successfully. We then changed the material in the tutorial to GaAs, this also ran successfully. We then tried to changed the GaAs cell from 1um to 200nm. The optical FDTD part of the simulation ran successfully, but the HEAT and CHARGE solvers did not produce sensible results. The charge carrier efficiency was 0 and our voltages were also 0. We know this ultra-thin solar cell should produce some charge because there are real cells that have shown experimental feasibility. Is Lumerical able to simulate ultra-thin materials? And if so, how can we simulate that (what parameters can we alter to make this work)?

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Heat and Charge Solver from the Planar Silicon Solar Cell.

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Dear @lkwe,

Based on your description, I would expect the modeling to be possible. If you could share the simulation, I would be glad to investigate this. Otherwise it would be difficult to identify the issue, as this could be related to many different settings (e.g. mesh, object coordinates, etc.).

Kind regards

Hi! Thank you for responding!

I made a small mistake in my first post, I mentioned that we tried GaAs as a thin cell, but we actually hadn’t completed that yet. We tried the the given Si template, GaAs at the given template size, (both of these worked) and then Si as the thin sized (didn’t work - zero current/voltage). So attached to this post, I have put a link to our output files and input files for the the thin Si cell. I would’ve put the actual files, but the actual simulation files are saved as .fsp and this chat won’t support that.

I hope this helps clear things up!