Photonics north 2019


I’m attending the Photonics North 2019 conference and have also registered for lumerical’s workshop. I downloaded the fdtd solution for mac but don’t have the activation code. Can you please help me get my tool setup for the workshop? Thanks.


Sorry about this. We are investigating this issue. We will provide an update once this is resolved.


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Thank you. I need to get it working for Tuesday for the workshop :). By the way I haven’t received a confirmation email for Lumerical’s workshop registration yet.


Thank you for your patience, this has been fixed. Please try to register / submit your request for the license again. Check your spam or junk inbox in case the license email was filtered by your email client. Thank you.


I just registered for the Photonics North 2019 Inverse Design Workshop through the link below

But didn’t received any email yet. I checked my inbox and spam. Can you please take a look again.

With my account at the university I have access to Lumerical solutions, if there is wifi at the workshop to vpn to university’s website then I can use my account there. But the thing is that because of security issues, the university does not let us to vpn on any wifi, in that case I won’t be able to use my account and I need this one to be working :).


The registration/license emails for this workshop will be sent out later, please check your email tomorrow or the day after.

Thank you.

OK, Thanks for your help.


Registration and license email for this workshop was sent out today. Kindly check your emails.

Thank you for your patience.


Hi Lito,
I have’t received anything. Should I register again?

If you already registered, you should be getting the email by now. Please check your spam or junk inbox.
I will try to resend the email to your account.


I didn’t get the email. There was a problem with my account which I thought it was fixed but maybe the email is not working yet. Are you able to see that I am registered (I just registered my self again)? Thanks.

Yes, you are registered for the workshop and I emailed you the link to obtain the license.
I am also sending the information again through KX private messaging.
Let me know if you still do not receive or are not able to obtain your license.