Photonic crystal 2D square lattice

I am simulating a simple 2d square lattice photonic crystal in lumerical, I am trying to duplicate the results in the paper “Symmetry, degeneracy, and uncoupled modes in two-dimensional photonic lattices” by Kazuaki Sakoda (fig 2, a, b). I used the 2d square lattice example calculation and simply changed the indexes and dimensions and I am not getting the correct band structure. I have gotten the correct bandstructure using a different program so i am sure the geometry and index that i am using are correct. The simulartion I am using, the correct bands, and the bands i obtained are attached. any help would be appreciated
square2D.lsf (2.7 KB)
square2D.fsp (1.2 MB)
these are the correct bands

these are what i got

It looks like the problem is solved:

Quoted from user:
Oh yeah, I figured this out. I was using the dielectric constant instead of the Index. Once I changed it everything worked fine.

I should be able to use a similar set up for calculating the band structure of a plasmonic lattice on a substrate (not homogenous medium like you have done)?
I have never done this before so a starting point will help.


Hi @sdhomkar

We have examples in KB that you can take a look at them as starting point:

If you had any problem with your simulation please share it with us and we are happy to help.