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I want to simulate a phase modulator and I have found this information:

I have downloaded the file: phase_shifters_nonreciprocal_effect.icp but I am not able to obtain the Figure 2. Could you explain me the steps to get the representation of the phase in the oscilloscope?.

There are also two formats for plotting the results of the oscilloscope: power and rectangular. In this file the option “rectangular” is chosen. What does rectangular mean?

And finally, to build a phase shifter in Interconnect is necessary a piece of waveguide plus an optical modulator. The piece of waveguide served as optical delay line, but what is the purpose of adding this optical delay?

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Hi @Anna,

Regarding your questions:

To plot the phase from the oscilloscope, you need to choose ‘Angle’ for the ‘scalar operation’ in the visualizer.

The option ‘rectangular’ plots the complex transmission in the oscilloscope while the option ‘power’ plots the power transmission in the oscilloscope.

The physical design of a phase shifter is based on a piece of waveguide and it naturally adds delay in the circuit. Thus to model the physical design of the phase shifter as much as possible, we add an extra piece of waveguide to model the delay.

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Extracting phase shift in waveguide mode

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