Phase of light


Dear all,
I have a question about the phase of light when you use different sources. In the pic, this is what I got using a point monitor to calculate the phase, positioned at a distance of 63.661 nm from the source, so Phi=1 at 400 nm wavelenght. The phase is different for the 2 types of source.
My intention is to use the TFSF source to calculate the phase in the scattered light of a gold nano antenna. Since it is an isolated structure, it is recommended to use TFSF source.
I will appreciate any help. I attached the file with the 2 sources I used.
Thank you very much

Phase of light.fsp (249.2 KB)


Sorry for the late reply, we have been very busy recently.

I think it is possible to bring the curves closer. In the screenshot below, it shows some tests on the two sources for different mesh accuracy. For a higher mesh accuracy (finer mesh), the discrepancy between the plane wave and TFSF sources is reduced. I believe it is possible to bring them closer if you use even finer mesh. Although I have not verified it, but I think the phase discrepancies are one mesh cell equivalent.

The reason of the discrepancy is likely due to the fact that the TFSF source is a special type of plane wave source that it may behave slightly different from a plane wave source.

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