Phase Along Bent Waveguide in FDTD


I’m trying to simulate the phase along a circular bent waveguide using ports in FDTD. I’d like to be able to extract the phase along the bend, not just at the output.

I’m attaching a code that simulates a quarter circle bend with a few ports set up perpendicular to the bend at various points. I know I can extract the phase from each port, but the modes each of the angled ports is selecting is not the mode I want, and the phase information from these ports seems wrong. Has anyone tried this sort of thing before with any success?


QuartCircBend_Phase.lsf (2.3 KB)

Why don’t you use a horizontal field monitor and plot the angle of the E in a 2D xy plot?

I’m not sure what you mean, a horizontal field monitor won’t work for a bent structure.