Peaks with values much higher than 1 in transmission


I wonder how I get transmission peaks with values much higher than 1 and also both negative and positive, in a very simple configuration?


Hi, @skharratian15,

As there might be several reasons to obtain unphysical transmission, please, attach your simulation file to observe the specifics of the problem.


By placing the monitor far from the structure, negative values were solved but large values are still there. You can find the simulation file attached.

Thank you very much.

Trial.fsp (7.7 MB)


I’ve changed the wavelength of the source from single value to a range and obtained the following result:

This figure looks quite reasonable, so I think this was the problem.
Also, I noticed that you used the amplitude value greater than 1.
However, all the spectrum characteristics are normalized to the corresponding input, so that there is no need to do it,
as long as the system under study is linear.