Parametrized material based on a default one




I want to make a sweep of a waveguide eigenmode characteristics with respect to the refractive index of the core. For this, I need to define a parametrized mode of the material. For example, in one model the parameter can be simply an extra index value (constant over the whole simulation bandwidth) that is added to one of the default material. Of course, I can write a script that generate sampled material every iteration of the sweep, however, there might be a more convenient solution to this issue I wonder?



Hi @msaygin

The approach that you are proposing, i.e. modifying the index values and then importing them as sampled data seems to be the best option, even if it is less convenient. You will need to check material fitting before running simulations to make sure that it is reasonable.

For a fixed index shift, you may also have success with “Index perturbed” data. You can select the simulation and material temperature as well as dn/dt and dk/dt values to add a constant index to the base material.

Temperture to index pertubation


Thank you, Behzad!