parameter sweep and scripting for solar generation rate


I am simulating a solar cell. I want to vary/sweep the thickness in y-direction and see the corresponding Jsc from solar generation rate. But the problem is, in Solar generation Rate analysis group, the length has to be given in y direction which I a changing/varying.

So how can I write script for solar generation rate so that its y length is adjusted automatically according to the length that I am varying in y-direction?

Thanks in advance

Dear @sakib

I guess the easiest way to do this will be from model. To do this, specify a new parameter and set the geometry and solar generation analysis parameter based on that. Here is an example how you can do this (since I didn’t have your simulation file I tried to demonstrate the idea by changing z min of rectangle and analysis group):

and then:

Here z span is used inside the solar generation analysis group. When you set you sweep, select the sub-thickness as your sweep parameter and every time that its value has changed, it will modify the geometry and analysis group.

I hope this answered your question.

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Thank you very much. It was very helpful and I successfully done it in FDTD.

I have one more Urgent question. As I am varying/sweeping thickness of my solar cell in FDTD, I want to do the same in device. But how the solar generation G will be exported automatically? or Do I need to do it manually for each individual thickness? That is: simulate individual FDTD and then save the G and then load it to Device and then simulate Device to find J-V or efficiency?

I want to couple fdtd and device togather. Is it possible.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @sakib

Yes, you can use Lumerical application program interface (API) to run simulations that require two products. This link will provide you with the workflow and all the required steps to do your task. Please take a look at it and let me know if you had any further questions.


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