Parallel error on Device: using multiple processes



My computer have 4 processes, when the number of used processes are more than one, there will be error, the detail is shown in picture below.

in this project, i just use two processes.

please help me find out the reasons.
thank you

parallel error

everything is ok, when i use DEVICE solver with one process. But, when the number of used processes are more than 1, the error will show.
my computer have 4 processes. I just use two of them, then the errors show


Hi. The finite-element solver of DEVICE does not allow the simulation to be broken up between multiple processes. As a result, DEVICE simulations must always use a single process. The internal algorithm of the solver automatically uses multiple cores (if available) to speed up the simulation so there is no need to manually define multiple processes. As you mentioned later, if you set the number of processes to 1 then the simulation will work fine and still use all 4 available cores.

In the case where you set the number of process to a value larger than 1, the solver creates multiple copies of the same simulation and runs then simultaneously. This can create a situation where these multiple instances are trying to overwrite the same file at a time and corrupt the file in the process. This is why using a “process” number greater than 1 generates error in DEVICE simulations.


thank you for answer.