Parallel error in CHARGE solver. The error code is 8, the process number is 0


Dear lumerical team.

I’m looking for your kind assistance in this subject matter.

I tried to run my FET file. However, it keeps on prompting unknown parallel error as shown below.

COMSOL(process 0): File create error (3001)
COMSOL(process 0): Error: there was an unknown parallel error. The error code is 8, the process number is 0

May i know how to solve this issue.

Thank You

File create error (3001)

Hi @P87402, The first line in the error message indicates that the problem might be arising from the fact that the solver is failing to create a file. Please check if you have writing permission in the folder where you are running the simulation. Also please check if you have enough hard drive space available to save the file which could also result in a file write error.


Thank you mr.aalam for your kind assistance.