Outdated mesa library on Suse Linux

The Mesa library is an open source software implementation of the OpenGL specification and is generally used on Linux when hardware implementations (for use with a hardware graphics card are not available) – this is very typical when using a VNC connection. The Mesa library, as it is typically distributed in older versions of RHEL, has problems when rendering lines in OpenGL that cause it to crash the X server and end your session. This is why it often fails when zooming on line plots, or when rendering lines (such as the grid lines) at different zoom levels. Using RHEL 6.5 or higher should fix the problem.

When running newer versions of our software on some Linux distribution, there is an issue with the outdated version (6.4.2) of Mesa packaged. This results in the following error message when attempting to run the application:

indirect_vertex_array.c:1359: __indirect_glTexCoordPointer: Assertiona != ((void *)0)’ failed.`

To resolve this issue:

  1. Download the updated Mesa library (mesa-6.5.2-suse10-fix.tar.gz)
  2. Move or copy the download file (mesa-6.5.2-suse10-fix.tar.gz) to /opt/Lumerical/fdtd/lib.
  3. Untar the file with following command (requires ‘sudo’);

$ sudo tar zxvf mesa-6.5.2-suse10-fix.tar.gz


  • If you have installed the software in a different location, you will need to update the paths accordingly.
  • Installing the design software on a different location wherein your user account has write access, will not require root access. See this post for details:
    FlexLM installation on Linux without root access

This Mesa library is distributed under the license terms described at: http://www.mesa3d.org/license.html