Optical Network Analyzer, peak analysis, minima


I have been having trouble getting the peak finding to work for minima in transmission. It does work for peak at maximum = true, but not for false.

Specifically, it only finds 2 minima (see screenshots) when it is set to false, whereas it finds about 17 when it is set to true.

Are there are suggestions to the settings to be used?

Thank you

MZI_FSRtest.icp (193.2 KB)

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Hi @lukasc,

We dug up a bit and found that the problem is at the “minimum loss” and “peak threshold” settings. The “minimum loss” setting truncates the gain curve at this value, but the peak analysis still tries to find the peaks based on the original gain values. That’s why you see the off between the gain curve and the peak points as shown below:

Set the “minimum loss” to 200 dB and the peak points will match the gain curve.

Then the other aspect is to set a proper “peak threshold” to allow the detection of more peaks. The peak analyzer will find the peaks within the range from the largest peak (in this case, the lowest peak point) to the subtraction of the threshold. Set the “peak threshold” to be 40 dB and 16 points will be detected.

Hope this could help, please check out the modified file MZI_FSRtest_modified.icp (192.9 KB) as a reference.

Hi @lukasc,

Your request has been considered and for the new release 2016b, the peak analyzer can find the peaks properly even if you truncate the curves with the ONA ‘minimum loss’ setting :slight_smile: