optical near field characteristics of cell membrane

I have started a new project where I am looking for some model to study cell membranes optical near field characteristics. Actually I am a bit new in Lumerical and would like to know if Lumerical is capable of doing cell membrane modelling! or if there are any related references! Thanks in advance

Welcome to Lumerical. A good way to model the cell membrane will be to use a dielectric layer with the thickness of the membrane and a dielectric constant of the membrane.

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There is a fairly thorough description of applying FDTD to an application like this here: http://findresearcher.sdu.dk/portal/files/5810/Handbook_Chapter_2_Stoyan_Tanev_Final.pdf

Thanks vivek for your response. Do you have reference (or any paper) on this! That will really help to get preliminary understanding. Thanks


If you interested in learning more about Lumerical FDTD solutions, Lumerical provides an excellent knowledge base with different examples.


In addition, a large set of videos and recorded webinars on different topics. These can be found here…


Hope this is helpful.