Ones and zeros don't work


Hi everyone,
I just tried using the scripting functions ones and zeros.
I tried

None of these worked, because it was not a function according to lumerical. Luckily the matrix function worked so I used myvariable=matrix(33,1)+1;
I was using the fdtd solver and I believe the newest version, it says it’s Release 2017a version 8.17.1102.

I assume this is a bug or functionality that was removed, the reference page at least still mentions the functios “ones” and “zeros”. I also copied those and tried the short examples given.

Could this please be resolved or updated.

Thank you very much.


For your information, I do not have any problem with either “ones” or “zeros” using Release 2017b version 8.18.1262 on Windows 10 64 bit. So, if there was a problem, it appears to have been fixed.