ONA two modes at the same time


I am looking at the results of a ring resonator by ONA. I want to see the results for TM and TE mode at the same time but it seems that It is not possible. Once in ONA, I select Orthogonal indentifier =1 and I see the results for TE mode injected and another time orthogonal identifier =2 and I see the results for TM mode injected. But is it possible to see them at the same time? Here is my file:

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Hi @bahareh.sherafati.1,

Do you want to inject multi-mode source or you just want to inject one mode and see how it transfers at the end? The ONA doesn’t support multi-mode source injection, you can only excite a single mode signal. But all the modes will be detected at the end for the receiving signal.

If you want to inject a multi-mode source, you can do it in time domain using the element “Multimode CW Laser”. Then if you want a frequency response, you need to do a sweep for the laser central frequency.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. your explanation is clear and very useful for me.
My goal is to test a Polarization Splitter Rotator, so obviously I need to inject multi mode source. but even when I send only one mode I am not able to see both mode at the output. Do you think that the problem is from Ring resonator or from ONA? Would you please check my file?


Ok! I was not able to see both modes at the output because one of them is zero and ONA does not show the mode which is zero! I use a polarization rotator and I can see both modes at the output.



Another question,
How can I do a sweep for the laser central frequency?



Hi @bahareh.sherafati.1,

I am glad you figured it out. To sweep the laser central frequency, you will have to add a sweep object. Please refer to the following page for the details on how to do so:


Please try this and let me know if you have further problems.