Obtaining MAC address and Host Name

Obtaining MAC address and HostName.

Your machine’s MAC address or HostName is sometimes required for licensing purposes. Please find below some examples of how to obtain these information.

Using FlexNet license manager Dashboard

  1. Login to the computer where Flexnet license manager is installed.
  2. Open the link: Lumerical FlexNet license manager system information
  3. Enter the Administrator Username and Password.
    Default is ‘admin’ for both (without the quotes).
  4. Host Name will be indicated as such
  5. MAC Address to use would the first Ethernet Address on the list.

Note: Screenshot of FlexLM system information page is required for license recovery.


  1. Open Command Prompt by: Typing ‘command prompt’ on the windows search bar.
  2. Click and launch ‘Command Prompt
  3. Type 'ipconfig /all’ and execute {Enter}
  4. There will be a line containing the text Physical Address. Please send us the number on that line. The address should be in the format 00-0A-86-BF-2C-4F. If there is more than one Physical Address, select the primary or first Ethernet Physical Address.
  5. The Host Name will be indicated as such on the list.

Linux and mac OS:

  1. Run the command /sbin/ifconfig from a Terminal window

  2. The mac address should be 12 digits and in the format 00:0A:86:BF:2C:4F.

  3. If you have more than one network card, please send the MAC address for:
    eth0’ on Linux or ‘en0’ on macOS.

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