Node license offline deactivation

Node license Offline Deactivation (via email - no Internet connection)

This process is NOT AVAILABLE for Trial, CUE or Workshop licenses, unless instructed by Lumerical Support.*

Deactivating a Node license via the offline method

  1. Open the configure product license as shown above.

  2. Select Offline Mode from the Node locked tab

  3. Goto the Licenses tab under the Node locked main tab

  4. Click or select and highlight the license you want to deactivate

  5. Click Deactivate

  6. A Save File dialog box will appear, select a location where you wish to save the RequestXML file.

  7. Send this RequestXML file to Lumerical Support with the subject line: Offline Deactivation Request

  8. A ResponseXML file will be provided by Lumerical for the deactivation requestXML. Save the responseXML file into the computer where the FlexNet license manager generated the requestXMl file.

  9. Open the Configure ‘product’ license utility again and

  10. Select Offline Mode from the Node locked tab

  11. Click Browse from the Activate sub menu tab and select the responesXML file from Lumerical.

  12. The offline deactivation process will complete. (Might take several minutes).