Node license offline activation

Node license Offline Activation (via email - no Internet connection)

This process is NOT AVAILABLE for Trial, CUE or Workshop licenses, unless instructed by Lumerical Support.


If your license entitlement includes multiple products under one activation code, activate the license only once.

   * Product: FDTD Solutions - Trial License, Quota: 1
   * Product: MODE Solutions - Trial License, Quota: 1
   * Product: INTERCONNECT - Trial License, Quota: 1
   * Start date: 2017-11-28
   * End date*: 2017-12-29
   * Activation code: 1234-WXYZ

Activating the above code on one (1) of the product’s configure license utility, will allow the other products, to access the same license. Please DO NOT ACTIVATE the same license code again on the other products’ configure license utility.

Node license offline activation procedure

  1. Open the License Configuration utility


    Start -> All Programs -> Lumerical -> <product> -> Configure license

    Mac OS:

    Applications/Lumerical/<product>/License Configure

    • Replace with the Lumerical product you are using. i.e. FDTD, MODE, DEVICE or INTERCONNECT
  2. Select the Node Locked tab

  3. Select Offline Mode.
    Offline mode

  4. Enter the eight-character activation code (including hyphen " - ") from the license notification email received.

  5. Click Activate

  6. A Save File dialog box will appear, select a location where you wish to save the Activation Request.

  7. Send the request XML file to

  8. Lumerical will provide a ResponseXML file. When you receive the responseXML.xml file from Lumerical, save the file into the computer where the FlexNet license manager generated the RequestXML file.

  9. Open the Configure Product License utility.

  10. Click Browse and select the responseXML file.

  11. Once the file is selected, the license activation process will complete (this may take a few minutes to complete).