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1. What device are you trying to simulate? Include diagrams if available.
Rib to strip waveguide

2. What results are you trying to obtain? Be as specific as possible.
Propagation sweep results.

3. Description of the problem or issue.
Suddenly I started to get errror below. However, sometimes I do get results

Can not find requested result in the result provider ‘getemesweep’.

Eme sweep view looks empty:

4. Lumerical product and software version.

5. Please attach your simulation files, including any logs.
rib_to_strip_DBR_eme.lms (569.8 KB)

Hi @nouman.zia1,

There doesn’t seem to be a solver in the simulation file you attached. Is this the correct file?

Hi @kjohnson, I updated my post above

@kjohnson, problem solved. I had so unintentional periodic groups active.

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