No result after the 2nd run on ONA_INTERCONNECT ver 6.5.1044 on window 8

I get no result on the result view tab (blank) after 2nd run on ONA. I can get the result on the first run (after restart computer and start INTERCONNECT) but I was not able to run on 2nd time after I changed the grating coupler and would like to compare result of 1st vs 2nd run.

The problem occurred after I installed latest version of MODE 2017a R2. Before installation, I was able to run multiple times and view the result on the same window for comparison.

Please help to solve the problem.

Thank you

Hi @tiongleh.yap,

Are you using the automation API to call MODE in INTERCONNECT? Or are you using some other kind of integration? The installation of MODE should not affect the running of INTERCONNECT. Could you please provide some more information and upload your file here? A few screenshots will also be very helpful.

Thank you.

Dear Prof Chrostowski,

I used the wrong ONA injecting. I verified that is the root cause of the

Thank you for pointing out.

Best Regards,
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