No items in simulation results


all my first sessions in INTERCONNECT yield absolutely no simulation results, despite the fact that “Simulation completed successfully.”, an Optical Network Analyzer is in place, all components have annotate=true. First, I have tried my own design (few couplers and straight waveguides); then I have loaded some of the examples: cascaded ring resonator, lattice filter – same (i.e. no) results; after opening Fabry-Perot example, the INTERCONNECT crashed (but that’s not the problem I wish to solve, at least not now).

In the Results tab, there is always only one item: “total elapsed time” of the root element. If I try to force ONA to write sparameters.dat file, the file is written, but empty.

I am using 1st day fresh trial version of INTERCONNECT, release 2017a, version 6.5.1157, revision number 92263, Linux amd64.

Thanks in advance for any move forward.

Hi @robotron,

Thank you for your question. You will have to click on the analyzer to bring its results to the Result View window, otherwise, the “total elapsed time” will be shown. Please upload your simulation file here and I can help to have a look. Thank you.

Hello, gwang,

Indeed I have clicked on the Analyzer (ONA), as well as on multitude of other stuff. Nothing helped; also please mind that sparameters.dat file has been created, but 0 bytes.

An example of non-working file is one (any) of the supplied examples in the version mentioned, such as coupled ring resonators.

If you will tell me, where to find some logs or how to take a debug info, stack trace or so, I will happily do so and upload it.

Many thanks,

Hi @robotron,

I cannot reproduce this bug. Could you please try INTERCONNECT with one version lower (you can download it here) with the selection of “previous release”. Please let me know if you still see this problem.


thank you for the reply, I will try the lower version and then I will write the result into this thread.

Best regards.

Hello again,
I have tried the older version (6.0.1022, 2006b), and it works (at least the examples distributed along). Thank you, I will stay with this version for the trial.

Hi @robotron,

Thank you for this information. Please use the older version for now and there will be one major release out by end of this month. I will invite you to have a try of it once it is available and please let us know how it works. I will follow up with you when the new release is available. Thank you.