News Release:A*STAR's IME and Lumerical Solutions Develop a Calibrated Compact Model Library for IME's Silicon Photonics Platform and PDK

Lumerical is excited to team up with IME to develop a set of calibrated compact models for IME’s 25G Silicon Photonics process and PDK. The library will initially consist of 15 active and passive components, providing PIC designers an opportunity to accurately model and optimize their designs using Lumerical’s INTERCONNECT PIC simulation tool prior to fabrication. Read the full release here:


@bdv This is really interesting. Would you please tell me how I can get this CML of IME? Plus, if I am working on a new design (on the device level) but I want it to be integrated in the same photonic circuit with the CML components of this library. What can I do, please?

To get the IME CML, please contact IME directly. You can find the contact info on our website:

And, it is totally fine if you want to combine your own design with the IME components. For example, you may want to focus on designing a good modulator, but you can still use the IME waveguides and other passive elements to complete the circuit. Of course, if you want to simulate such a hybrid circuit using INTERCONNECT, you would need to create your own compact models for your new devices, and our tools allow you to do that: