Nanoparticles Thermal simulations with DEVICE



I am trying to simulate the temperature profile of 80 nm silver nanoparticles with different temperatures (eg. 200, 300, 500 degrees) and different times (eg. 30, 60, 90 minutes) heated in a basic oven (uniform temperature). Please advice me on how to start this. Thank you.


You can perform transient simulations to see the effect of time on temperature profile. Take a look at this example on KB to see how transient thermal simulation can be performed using the HEAT solver: Heat Flow in Solids. However, I am guessing that given the time scale you are talking about, you can even perform a steady state simulation and get the temperature profile of the nanoparticles.


Hi aalam,

is it possible to so show me an example on how to to simulate the following:

  1. the temperature profile (contours) of 80nm silver nanoparticle heated in an oven to 300 degrees for one hour.

  2. the temperature profile gradient from the surface to the centre of the nanoparticle



Hi. I think the better approach would be for you to try and set up the simulation and then share it with me. I can take a look at the file and provide some feedback. To learn about how to set up a transient simulation you can go through the above mentioned example in KB.