Nanoparticle in water


I am trying to simulate the susoended silver particle in water with size of particle 3nm (sphere shape) and the wavelength between 200nm-1200nm. Please advice me on how to start this. Any suggestion which suitable application that I should run for absorption and scattering cross section output? Thank you.



I think the silver nanowire getting started example is a very good tutorial for you to start with. It has some step-by-step instructions in terms of setting up your geometry and results analysis for absorption and scattering cross section. Afterwards, I will recommend this 3D Mie example that sounds quite similar to what you have described (you just have to switch the material to silver).

Dont forget to watch these introductory videos at the bottom of this page!!

As far as the water background goes, you can either simply set the “background index” in the FDTD simulation region. Or follow this thread for complex index background.


Hi kchow,

It’s really helpful info. I will try to follow the step as you advice. Many thanks :slight_smile: