My simulation is diverging

Hi all,

I am trying to simulate a structure consisting of cylinders on the top of substrate with a layer of liquid crystal above the cylinders and the liquid crystal layer is dispersive. When I tried to run the simulation, the result was diverging. I changed all of the simulation boundary conditions to Metal, then re-run the simulation and the result was weird but not diverging so I think that the problem is because of PML and dispersive materials according to this link:

I tried everything mentioned in the above link and my simulation is still diverging:
Firstly, I changed the PML to stabilized and increased the number of PML layers.
Secondly, change to custom and increased alpha.
Thirdly, extended the liquid crystal layer into the PML layer.
Fourthly, I had a look on the material fit
Can you kindly help me to fix this problem? I have attached the fsp and lsf files, so you can have a look.
silicon_disks_para_div_chek.lsf (2.9 KB)
silicon_disks_para_div_chek.fsp (297.6 KB)


Any answer please??

Hi @ammas2,

It looks like your question is being addressed in this topic:

Please follow up with your questions there.