multiple TFSF sources,with different illumination angle


I had a question about using multiple sources in a simulation.
I am trying to illuminate a metallic structure on a dielectric substrate with two sources but different
illumination angles. I should use a TFSF source (with PML boundary condition) because I want to
measure the scattering only.
Is there any example of such simulation? and how I should setup the elements?

Thank you very much in advance,

Hi @negin_zaraee
I found a previous topic that you will find very interesting. This is about “Boundary conditions for multiple sources(normal and angled)” : Boundary conditions for multiple sources (normal and angled) . Also, in the following post you will find some information and an example about “Measuring scattering and absorption with TF/SF sources” : Measuring scattering and absorption with TF/SF sources .

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