Multiple questions in DEVICE



Hello, recently I start to learn DEVICE to run the simulation for the solar cell.
The first question is that I run the example “solar_planar.ldev” posted on the topic of “Planar silicon solar cell”, while the J-V curve I got is different from the example:

Here is the file:

You can see the y-scale bar in the example and the simulation in my case are different.

The second question is that I try to build up the solar cell structure but it usually shows the following error message:

Here is the file:
Test.ldev (7.3 MB)

Could you please help me to figure out the problem?
I really appreciate your great help!


Hi @Chen

As is explained in the Planar silicon solar cell application example, to obtain a similar plot you need to use a larger number of points for the base BCs. For example, I obtained the plot below by using 51 number of points and voltage span of 0-6V in the base BC:


Regarding your second inquiry:
It looks like the error message is due to material configuration. There are two things to fix here:

  1. Select a proepr Ec valley (Gamma, X, or L) for all the semiconductor material and make sure that check box is enabled.
  2. If the Recombination values are zero, they need to be disabled. For example you need to uncheck the Trap-Assisted option in the case below:

Please check all the materials and make sure that they are configured properly.

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