Multi-threading settings in DEVICE

How do I change the number of processes or threads in DEVICE?


  • DEVICE does not behave like FDTD.
  • DEVICE does not handle multi computer/node parallelization.
  • It depends on the system to distribute the processing to your system’s available cores/threads.
  • Using multi CPU/Socket machine may not provide the same performance results as compared to FDTD Solutions.
  • Running DEVICE in a cluster works best if you are running a DEVICE parameter sweep.

DEVICE can only use 1 MPI process and can use all available threads/cores in your machine.
The multi threading options can be changed from within DEVICE’s solver properties.

  1. In your DEVICE simulation, edit your solver properties.

  2. Go to the Advanced tab and on the multithreading drop down option, choose set thread count and specify the number of threads/cores.

  3. Save your simulation and you are all set to have the simulation run with only the number of threads specified on the solver’s properties.

  4. If you want to run the simulation directly from the command line without the CAD/GUI, you can use the threading option (-t #):


    "C:\Program Files\Lumerical\DEVICE\bin\device-engine.exe" -t 8 "C:\temp\example.ldev"

    Linux / MacOS:

    /opt/lumerical/device/bin/thermal-engine  -t 4 $HOME/temp/example.ldev