MPI not installed on the local machine



On a Windows System, when running the “Configuration Test” on your resource manager, we might encounter the following errors,

Installation test failed: Invalid MPI path

Unable to connect to host

Failed to start the test. Possible error: license not configured

These errors could occur when using either Microsoft MPI or MPICH2.

These happens when the selected MPI is not installed on your system. We can verify if either Microsoft MPI or MPICH2 is installed on your computer by;

Open Control Panel > Programs > Programs and features

If Microsoft MPI or MPICH2 is not on the list of installed applications, we will have to install these components manually as discussed here:

If both are shown on the list, we have to verify if they are installed on the default location as shown, otherwise these components will have to be “reinstalled” using the default location.

C:\Program Files\Lumerical\MPICH2\

Microsoft MPI
C:\Program Files\Microsoft MPI\

Lumerical Mode Error