MoS2 analysis of electrostatics and mobility


Dear all,
I am a beginner of Lumerical. I want to do the electrostatics and mobility analysis of MoS2 with different metal contact. Where can I start that kind of analysis? Please offer me some detail information. Thank you.


Hi @ruhong_kang, MoS2 is a 2D material that requires using a 2D density of states model to simulate it using a semi-classical solver like the CHARGE solver. Unfortunately the CHARGE solver currently can only model 3D bulk semiconductors using 3D density of states model. It does not have the option to use a 2D density of states. In a KB example we did show an electrical simulation of a modulator using graphene. However, as you can see from the discussion in the example page (Electrical simulation), the graphene model used in this example is an approximate one and is only usable in a limited cases. In a simulation where you have actual electronic transport through graphene this model will not provide you with valid result. Bottom line is that the CHARGE solver is not capable of simulating the electrostatics and mobility of MoS2 devices.


How about I just need approximated analysis result? Any example that I can follow?
When I add monolayer MoS2 as a new material, the permittivity of monolayer MoS2 become a trouble. What should I do? Thank you for your replay.


@ Hi @ruhong_kang, my apologies for the long wait. I somehow missed this last post altogether.

Have you taken a look at this one:

I am not quite sure about this one. My guess would be to use the DC permittivity of bulk MoS2 and see if you can get reasonable results.