More than one users using one license from same workstation

I have been working with Lumerical FDTD, but I am not quite aware about user handling.
Would it be possible to create more than one user accounts in a single license Lumerical FDTD software installed in a workstation ?
[I does not mean more than one user working parallel (at the same time).]


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Hello @mohamedameen.p,

It’s possible to create more than one user account in your workstation for a single Lumerical package license. You can assuredly create the user accounts in your operating system more than the number of the license. In your situation, only one user can have a right to run a simulation in a Lumerical product due to the single license.You need to be careful about the priority of the access to the license. For instance, if one user have been running a simulation in the workstation that had installed a Lumerical license, other users in the same machine cannot run simulations owing to the limited number of license. The priority is determined by the order of an access to the license among users; who is the first to arrive at the Lumerical license.

I hope this would helpful guidance for you :smile:

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