Monitor position to calculate farfield using farfieldintegrate function


I want to calculate the power radiated from a plasmonic antenna placed on a dielectric layer, with source being a dipole placed inside the dielectric layer. Please see the attached file for your reference.
Here, I have used three 2D monitors to calculate power radiated in the farfield. One monitor is placed at the center of the nanoparticle, other two are placed at 50nm and 10nm distance from the nanoparticle surface.
I wanted to know that at what position should I place my 2D power monitor to calculate the power radiated in the cone?
Does the position of the 2D monitor dictate the center of the cone?antenna.fsp (7.1 MB)

Hello @loqm,

Sorry for the late reply.

Generally a monitor that is calculating far field results should be as close as possible (but not inside) to the scattering object to collect light at a wide range of angles. In this case, I would expect that the two monitors outisde the antenna should give roughly similar results, but the monitor 10 nm away would be more accurate. You can also increase the x and y span of the simulation to get better results from both monitors.

The center of the cone can be selected using the “theta0” and “phi0” inputs to the farfield3dintegrate command, so the position of the monitor should not affect this.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

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