Modulator capacitance and doping




Someone could help me, please. I am configuring a pn junction modulator based on the following example:

On my device, I need to simulate a modulator with 3 levels of doping, as shown in the figure below:

where the concentrations are given by:

P = N = 5*10^17 (cm-3)

P + = N + = 1*10^19 (cm-3)

P ++ = N ++ = 1*10^20 (cm-3)

However, I have a problem and some doubts:

1) According to my schematic of the figure above, the device set up in DEVICE (modulator.ldev) is correct?

modulator.ldev (5.9 MB)

2) When I calculate the capacitance of the device (Junction_Capacitance.lsf), the result is not being generated correctly. Could someone tell me what is wrong in the script?

Junction_Capacitance.lsf (958 Bytes)

Thank you!


Dear @diego.dourado,

If you want to verify your doping profile as seen by the CHARGE solver, you can do this by visualizing the ‘doping’ dataset. To do so, after running the simulation, right click on CHARGE, select visualize>doping. This window opened will show you the net doping profile as shown below:

Regarding the script file, I ran the script and it runs with no problem returning results. You might wanna elaborate on the issue that you have with the script.


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