Modifying Example problem shown in DEVICE software getting started page



I was trying to design a new problem that is similar to example problem shown in getting started option in Lumerical DEVICE software page. Link of the problem:

I am thinking to change the problem a little bit. Like I want to give different input for Fill Factor (Vary from 10 to 90) and see change in other parameter, specially change in efficiency and maximum power output. For that I probably need to change solar_cell .lsf script file. Did anyone made that kind of modification earlier and can help me with instruction for modification?
Thanks in advance.



Hi @khurshida.afroz

Can you please elaborate on your inquiry? How do you want to change the fill factor?

My understanding is that these quantities are the simulation results that depend on the geometry and other simulation objects. As you can see in the script file and this direct, FF is given by Pmax/VJ where J and V are the simulation results: