Modeling magnetic material with anizotropic response



Currently, I am trying to use Lumerical for calculations involving magnetic materials described by anizotropic (off-diagonal) and dispersive permeability. The material database provides the Magnetic + Electric Lorentz model, so the frequency dependence is taken care of, but I have troubles with implementing the off-diagonal anizotropy. The procedure used for permitivity (matrix transform of attributes) does not seem to be working in my case. In the KB section devoted to Flexible material plugins, there is a remark stating that the off-diagonal anizotropy is limited only to the electric field. So my question is: Does the matrix transform of attributes work even in the case of magnetic permeability? If not, is there any other way how to model in Lumerical magnetic materials possessing anizotropy with respect to the right-hand and left-hand circularly polarized light?


Hi, quick answer is no the attributes for matrix transform is just for the permittivity tensor. It is true that the magnetic lorentz model is just for diagonalized terms(xx, yy, zz). Without an attribute for permeability, I dont think you could achieve off-diagonal terms. The plugin is an option that may allow you to implement a material model to describe the permeability but I dont it can help with the off-diagonal terms.