Model reflectivity modulated external cavity lasers using TWLM



I am trying to understand and use the TWLM in INTERCONNECT as the SOA core of the directly modulated external cavity lasers. I have the following two questions:

  1. Could I know what reference papers TWLM use in the modelling so that I could read and get familiar with?
  2. I am trying to directly modulate the output mirror reflectivity (not the normal injection current), could this feature be realized using the current TWLM?

Many Thanks


Hi @gyaliu,

Thank you for the questions.

  1. Here is a reference paper for the TW Laser model:
    A.J Lowery, “New dynamic semiconductor laser model based on the transmission-line modelling method”, IEE PROCEEDINGS, Vol. 134, Pt. J, No. 5, OCTOBER 1987

  2. Could you let me know more details about what you are trying to do here? How do you want to modulate the mirror reflectivity and how do you expect this to affect the lasing pattern?

Hope this could help.