MODE Trial first run error: dynamic link library tkgeomalgo.dll


I’m getting the attached error message after trying to run the one month trial MODE
solutions. Any advice?

Hello @mohamed1,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This error is rather unusual and may be the first time we have received report of it. I suspect it may be due to the installation not completing successfully, or missing system file(s). Did you perhaps have a previous version of the product installed, or did you receive any error prompts throughout the product package installation process? This file is typically extracted to the following directory for default installations:
C:\Program Files\Lumerical\MODE\bin
If it is missing, this may suggest an issue with the installation.

A suggestion we can try would be to remove all currently installed versions of the product through the Control Panel, then re-download and install the package again, to verify the previous download was not corrupt and ensure you have the latest updates.

If there should be any issues with the installation process, perhaps we can perform the installation in debug mode to capture a log of the progress and status. You can forward the log file to us if there should be persistent issues with the installation. Some information and instructions on this is outlined in the following Knowledge-Base article:

Another item we can verify would be to ensure the system has installed all current required / critical Windows updates as well.

Please advise if you would like more details, or require assistance in carrying out the above suggestions. Otherwise we look forward to your update. Please assist in providing any new information and screenshots after verifying, and we can use the updated information to troubleshoot further if required. Thanks in advance.



Thanks for your reply.
I did uninstall and reinstall and it is now working fine.


Thank you for your prompt action in verifying, and for the feedback @mohamed1 . Really glad to hear that did the trick. We’ll note this incident for reference, and track to see if there should be a trend. Thanks again for reporting it, and for your efforts in verifying.