Mode Solutions with Pre-determined Effective Index



I am attempting to model a ring resonator in MODE solutions. I hope to use varFDTD to get a transmission spectrum and view the propagation through the resonator, but rather than using the eigensolver to determine the effective indices, I have calculated them on my own using a separate system. Am I able to proceed in my simulation directly to the varFDTD portion of the ring resonator tutorial?


I believe you can do this by setting up the structure using the effective index that you have already calculated, and in the z dimension for the varFDTD solver set the boundary conditions to “Periodic” and you can set the z span of the solver to be just 1 mesh cell thick. With the periodic setting the structure would be considered to be uniform and infinite in the z-dimension. You can also double check in the Material explorer that the calculated slab mode effective index is the same as the material index that you have specified.

Alternatively, if you have FDTD Solutions, you can use the 2D solver region to run the simulation using the calculated effective indices.