Mode solution for hollow core metallic waveguide

Is the Eigenmode solver in MODE solution capable of simulating metallic waveguides at all? The modeling file is attached to this topic (Mode loss.lms). I’ve measured the power loss per meter for the fundamental EH11 mode in a circular waveguide with the radius of 1mm based on the table below for different material (n=n1+in2). It seems the solver works for the dielectrics but not suitable for the metals.

Mode loss.lms (296.1 KB) n


Sorry for the long delay. In order to further understand the numbers you care comparing, I am wondering if you could specify the unit of the numbers marked as “Lumerical Simulation” in this table.

Meanwhile, in your simulation file, since mode is mostly confined inside of the metallic ring, I would suggest using “metal” instead of “PML” boundary and shrinking the simulation region.