Mode solution can not open previous lms file



I‘m connecting remotely to the my school service through NoMachine. But I discover Mode solution can not open my previous lms file.

Can you help me ?

Thank you very much!



Can you share the error message you are getting? Also what type of license are you using in the computer (i.e. node locked or floating)?


Hi, Ahsan

Thank you very much for your kind help! It just does noting,and does not show anything. I found the file size is 0 kb,maybe the file was broken.



It looks like you are tunneling into a Linux machine where you are running MODE. Is the file located on the machine that is running MODE or is it on your local computer? If the files size is 0, it might be that it was not copied over to the remote Linux machine? If not accessing MODE remotely can you open the file while physically logged into the Linux machine running MODE?


Hi, lito

Yes, I accessed MODE remotely in a Linux machine. I finished my desgin on my local laptop and copied it to the remote Linux machine. It can be ran on my local laptop.Maybe it was not copied over.

Thank you very much!