mode overlap between different files

Hi dear people,

I’m trying to optimize a strip to slot waveguide coupler 1x2 MMI

So what I want to do is calculate the mode of the slot waveguide which is done in 1 file and save this mode (since the dimensions are already determined).
Then in another file import the mode of the slot waveguide and use the optimizeposition and overlap functions to find for which specific width I have the best overlap with the strip waveguide (all of this will be done at a few specific wavelengths).

Now I saw that it’s possible to save a dcard for a mode but I didn’t see how this dcard can be exported and then imported into another file.

Just to be clear I’m using the FDE solver and running a script to change the dimensions, instead of using a normal sweep.

Any help with this would be great.

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You can use the “copydcard” command ( to copy the mode to the deck, and then the “savedcard” command ( to save it into a file.

Finally, you can use the “loaddata” command ( to load the saved dcard.

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Thank you very much this is exact;y the command I was looking for.
I couldn’t find it.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: Glad I could have been of any help.