[MODE] License vanished after installing a new version



Recently, I’ve installed the latest version of Mode solution.
After that, the activation code that worked before stopped working.
Using the same code to activate license does not do any good -
the list on licenses stays empty. However, the other products (FDTD, Interconnect), which have not been renewed, are working all right.

I wonder how to figure out the problem?


Can you assist with the following?

  1. Uninstall MODE solutions

  2. Remove the installation folder for MODE Solutions.

  3. Delete MODE’s reference.ini file.

If the issue persists,

  • Please provide us with the error message when you try to use MODE?
  • Screenshot of the Configure license utility for FDTD or INTERCONNECT?

Thank you.


Hi, Lyap!

It worked for me.
Thank you very much.



Glad to hear that. You are welcome. :slight_smile:



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