MODE EMe solver script commands

I’m looking for the scrip commands to setup the EME setup tab in the “edit EME solver” window, but I can’t find any in the website. I only find commands for the analysis window, once the simulation is run. Can anyone help me?

Hi @bfilion,

A nice trick is to search for the key words in the Alphabetical list of all script commands. For this case you could search for ‘eme’ and all EME related scripts will be highlighted.

I hope this could help. Let me know if you still cannot find what you want. :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks you, I didn’t know about that list.

Benoît Filion

To set the properties of the EME solver you can simply use the “set” or “setnamed” script commands. For example the following example includes a script file which sets some properties in the EME setup tab from the script:

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