Modal reflection from mode expansion monitor


I am using mode expansion monitor to calculate the modal reflection of tilt facets in ridge waveguide structure. I would like to know that what are the 5 different values in each output parameter (e.g T-backward) of mode expansion monitor?

My other question is that I would like to measure the modal reflection of only fundamental TE mode. So I selected the fundamental TE in both the mode source and mode expansion monitor. Now how can I find that the one out of five modal reflection ( that is T_backward…? ) values is for only fundamental TE mode?

I have attached my script file and a snap shot for further explanation.

tilt_facet_BD_script.lsf (6.8 KB)

Hi, @nouman.zia !

You can find detailed information of the meanings of the characteristics here:

I also recommend using ports, since it can be more convenient for your task:

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