MMI 2x2 Output Phase


I’m working on a 2x2 MMI in which I need to obtain the power and the phase difference between outputs. Is there any easy way to obtain it without having to code a script? I started working less than a week ago with the software so I still do not fully understand the way most things are done. From what I understood the power is obtained through the S matrix, but I don’t know how to achieve the phase. The MMI it is not fully optimized but it is the minimum for understanding how does it work.MMI_2x2_sio2.lms (371.4 KB)

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Dear @joao.diogo

This KB example will be a good place for you to learn more about the MMI couplers.

Phase and transmitted power can be calculated from the s-parameter. Phase can be calculated by selecting Angle from Scaler Operation tab in Visualizer window. To calculated power you can select Abs^2. For how to choose the proper s-parameter, please refer to this page: s-parameter.


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