Mie Scattering 3D example at high background index

Hello all,

I am trying to run the Lumerical Mie Scattering 3D example simulation at high background index. I am using the Lumerical-provided LSF and FSP files (all I am editing is the FDTD-region background index). I am using a background index of 3.0. My question is: why do the results of the simulation at n_env = 3.0 not match the theoretical values via the Mie Theory?


Hello @aniketpant1,

If you change the FDTD background index you should get results that match pretty closely with the analytic value. I just ran this test, and found good agreement. Could you share your results compared with predictions?


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Hi @trobertson, my apologies, I forgot to mention that I have changed the simulation source (mie_source) and DFT monitors to 400-900nm wavelength range. As such, the plasmon resonance at high visible wavelengths for gold in this range displays much error from Mie calculation to FDTD collected data.

The FSP I am using: mie_example_3d.fsp (319.5 KB)


Hey @aniketpant1,

Have you tried reducing the mesh size, and changing the conformal mesh variant. As the index increases so will confinement meaning that you will need a smaller mesh to achieve accurate results.