Mie 3D: Absorption/scattering cross section curve not smooth


I am going through the Mie 3D tutorial to understand the calculations for extinction of a nanoparticle. When using mie_analysis_3d.lsf to plot the scattering and absorption cross sections, I get sharp peaks in the curve. I expect it to be more smooth. Does anyone have any idea of why this would be? I tried increasing the simulation time from 50fs to 75fs, but the results are identical. I also tried adjusting the material parameters for a better fit. I hope that someone could help me better understand this issue.

I attached .jpeg images of my results below.

Thank you,

Hi @cmgreen

It looks like you don’t have enough data in the output. You can increase the resolution of your monitor by increasing the number of frequency points from Edit---->General tab of the monitor in two ways:


You can read more about the difference between these two approaches here.


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