Microscope Images using FDTD solver



Brief description of my work is as follows:

I capture through-focus images of semiconductor wafers using an optical microscope in Reflection mode. The dimension of the pattern on the wafer( SiO2 ) can range from 50 nm to 2 microns. Pattern can be 2D or 3D,
periodic or aperiodic. The intention is to use these images for analysis.

This is currently being done using a “Real” microscope. To obtain the through focus images, I move the piezo stage of the microscope along the Z direction. I use an objective with Numerical Aperture of 0.95 and Illumination Numerical Aperture of 0.3-0.5. LED light source with wavelength ranging from 450 nm to 600 nm is used.

Using FDTD solver, I want to simulate the images of microscope for above settings.

I have not found relevant videos on this kind of application. Can anyone please let me know how this can be achieve in FDTD.?



Dear Madhu,

It should be possible to use FDTD for the simulation you want. We have a couple of examples on microscopy in the Knowledge Base. Have you looked at them?