Phase 270- .fsp (1.1 MB)

I am replicating an example of metasurface consists of Si nano blocks. My first question is:
1- i am using the dimentions of Si block ( stated in the attached paper) which gives an expected phase shift 270 . my simulation reads a phase ( from the “after monitor” angleEy) of 28 degrees (0.5 rad).

I do not know why i could not get the same phase shift as mentioned in the paper for x=270 and y=540 nm.

2- In order to reproduce a figure like that

, i need to calculate the phase shift at different x(dx) and y(dy) varies from (200-800 nm) with at least 5 nm increment. This means i need to make to sweep over 2400 point .
My questions is: is there a way to extract the phase shift as function of x and y without going into each simulation and get the phase shift separately …
paper link:


Dear @maisaad

The phase of the light varies as it travels inside the structure. This means that if you want to compare your results with the paper, you need to check how this phase shift is calculated in the paper. Based on your simulation file, I was not clear how you want to compare the results and why this geometry should give you similar results as the paper, specifically why monitor is located at z=5um. More input will be quite useful.

This post might be useful to read:

You should be able to do this if you set the sweep to output it in the results section:

For each sweep parameters, software can calculate the parameter and save it. Finally you should be able to plot it to get a similar plot as in the paper. To do this, you will need to first clarify how the phase is calculated in the paper. For more information regarding sweep tab, please see this link.